REMINDER: Aikido of Northwest Kansas is closed from Monday, November 24th through Sunday, November 30th for Fall Break; please enjoy the holiday times with your families!

Traditional Aikido Classes

Aikido is a self-defensive Japanese martial art that uses an attacker's energy against them. Aikido students most commonly seek to neutralize their attackers with wrist-locks, throws, joint manipulations, chokes, and pins.

Weapons Class

Part of Aikido involves training in traditional weapons: jo staff, bokken (wooden sword), and tanto (wooden knife). We cover weapon on weapon work, katas, weapon disarmament, and more!

Youth & Family

Throwing your 5-year-old over your shoulder is fun, but when she throws you over her shoulder, it's something else entirely! Come join us for a fun, active (and safe!) activity for the whole family!

Additional Opportunities

Separate from our traditional, religiously neutral Aikido classes, our dojo offers early church prayer meditation classes and an Aikido Connections class for those who may be interested. These classes are free to any adult or youth Aikido member, or they can be taken separately.

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Aikido Lesson

Aikido Lessons

Traditional, self-defensive Japanese martial arts.

Youth Lessons

Youth Classes

Aikido preparation and basics for youth.

Aikido Weapons Class

Weapons Training

Learn how to use traditional weapons and disarm attackers.

Additional Options

Additional Options

We also offer separate prayer meditation and Aikido Connections classes.

Stop by and see if Aikido is right for you--your first practice is always free!

We also welcome friends, relatives, or drop-ins to watch any class at no charge.

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Jan 16 2012

Aikido of Northwest Kansas Grand Opening

New Aikido dojo makes martial art available to northwest Kansas

Hays Daily News Article By Dawne Leiker This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

For those with an interest in martial arts, classes in Aikido, a Japanese martial art, now are available in Hays for the general public.

Aikido of Northwest Kansas classes, under the direction of Brandon Nimz, start today.

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